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ergonomics in the workplace

Workspace Ergonomic Assessments  

Ergonomic Awareness Training 


  • Ensure the health and safety of all employees

  • Improve work quality

  • Enhance efficiency

Hire An Ergonomist Today 

With experience in office and industry, ergonomic and physical therapy certifications, and a love for all things injury prevention, Ergonomic Health Solutions is Dallas Fort Worth’s solution to ergonomics in the workplace.

Workplace Ergonomic Assessments for the home & small business settings

  • Office Ergonomics 

  • Industrial Ergonomics

  • Healthcare Ergonomics

Ergonomic Training Programs focusing on ergonomic awareness education and stretching programs

  • Desk side and Departmental Employee Education

  • Stretching Exercises

  • Train-the-Trainer and Train-the-Evaluator

  • Safety Fairs

  • Whatever your worker issues are, Ergonomic Health Solutions has you covered.


We know how intimidating your computer, workstation, and job site layout can be, so let us help.

  • Why spend your day trying to solve your health problems when our ERGONOMICS consultant can get you working comfortably in no time?

  • Do you have questions about an ergonomic mouse, ergonomic keyboard, or ergonomic chair? Call Cathy Phillips, PT CEAS II!  

  • Let me do the work so you can kick back and enjoy it.

Catherine Cathy Phillips
Services _
  • Consulting – home office / business

  • Assessments - office and industry

  • Equipment solutions

  • Safety Fair booth

  • ​Injury Prevention Training

  • ​Engineering support

  • ​Physical Therapist

  • Teamwork with management /leads

  • Partner with safety team

  • ​Training


Ergonomics --- fitting a job to a person --- helps lessen muscle fatigue, ... (including the right to raise a health and safety concern or report an injury).